“Just because you’re from a small town, doesn’t make you small time, come on now my people open your eyes”, are the echoed remnants of Exact Opposites’ Freshman release, ‘Manufactured’.  Their “ode” to Blythe, “Fertile Roots” was a success in showcasing the overlooked desert oasis’ natural beauty.  From the sincere, genuine people to the rich geographic history, each element was put on display for the world to see through the eyes of two locals who cherished each aspect.  The “Fertile Roots” video, which was shot entirely in Blythe, received over 10,000 organic views by the year’s end.  The song’s positive declaration even rang through the Chuckawalla Valley and Ironwood State Prison cells.   
     During this time the group was made up of Blythe natives Mark Moxon and Taurean Wirght.  The two emcees harnessing nothing but microphones slayed each instrumental discharged from beat makers in Coachella Valley, then known as Sonata Orchestration.  During this period Exact Opposites also acquired an indispensable piece in DJ Jae Rawkwell, which inspired them to release a plethora of mixtapes and exclusive releases.  These titles include “The Amazing Adventures of Quick Draw McGraw & Huckleberry Hound” (2012), “SOnata Average Mixtape” (2012), “The Learning Experience” (2012), “Black Gold” (2013), and Everyday (2014).
     After countless miles covered, hundreds of venues played and 10 years of growth evolution took hold of Exact Opposites and birthed a whole new collective.  Now armed with a dynamic that transcends the group past any conventional genre, Exact Opposites formed a live band.  No longer having to rely so heavily on programmed, syncopated digital instrumentation, this opened up their sound and paved the way for a more authentically organic sound.



Live House





Taurean Wright






Jermaine Wright




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